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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy can seem daunting.  Will the therapist side with my spouse?  What if it doesn't work?  Sometimes people are ashamed of going to couples therapy, feeling that something must  be wrong if their relationship needs support. 

The reality?  Couples therapy can be a great experience.  It's been shown to help not just the relationship, but the individuals within.  It's not easy to find a good match, so even if you've had a "bad" experience, I encourage you to keep looking if you are experiencing hardship within your relationship. 

The modalities I bring to couples therapy include Narrative, Jungian and EFT.  I work with you and your spouse to break the cycles that are undermining the joy you once had in your togetherness.  

I approach my work with you as a neutral collaborator.  I am sex positive, and if it makes sense for you, I am willing willing to help you explore the many different options available to today's couple.

I myself have been married twice,  (divorced once, widowed once) and am a parent.