Stephanie Hubbard

Approaches to Therapy


Approaches to Therapy

There are many things that happen in therapy, sometimes multiple things at once.  My approach is what is called an “integrative” approach.  This means that the practitioner knows multiple approaches and uses what works most effectively with a client both in the moment, and on an ongoing basis.   

I draw on analytic interpersonal therapy, Jungian therapy and at times implement components of a Narrative approach.   For couples I implement attachment therapy, specifically elements ofEmotionally Focussed Therapy combined with a Jungian Approach, and for group I favor a process approach. 


Individual Therapy

I’m in supervision with a top-flight interpersonal analytic therapist, Steven Isaacman, Psy.D., so I will be bringing that modality to your sessions. That means that I draw on what is happening in the room between us to our work.  

In addition to drawing on analytic and Jungian modalities, I integrate elements from the Narrative therapy approach, including seeing the issues that arise for my clients within the context of society and culture as a whole.  Narrative therapy also draws on places where a person exhibits capabilities and supports them to apply those to other places.



Couples Therapy

Using techniques developed from the best of attachment theory, I help individuals and couples work through their attachment issues. I have also adapted aspects of Jungian therapy to work well with emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples. 

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Group Therapy

I am a proud member of the Group Psychology Association of Los Angeles, and as such have undertaken a series of challenging seminars so that I have the best approaches of modern group therapy to offer.  Im currently being supervised for group by Dr. Steward Aledort, of Washington D.C.  an innovator in the development of groups that really make use of human's affinity for attachment.   



I have extensive experience in Addiction, and am best suited to working with people in recovery.

Finally, I enjoy working with creative people, artists, and people in the film industry due to my personal work experience.  

Personally, I am a parent, I have been married (more than once) as well as widowed, and so understand the dynamics inherent in these identities.  

If you think any of this would be a good fit for you, please set up a time for a complimentary meeting, or phone call.