Stephanie Hubbard

So you're looking for a therapist…


Perhaps you know what you are looking for, and maybe you aren’t sure whether you would most benefit from individual, family, couples or group therapy.

How do you decide if there is a fit?  

How can you understand if a therapist has the capability to help you with issues you may not even be able to express yourself yet?

This may be the time to consult your intuition, meeting face to face is a good beginning; sometimes you find your therapist right off the bat, and sometimes it takes meeting a few. 

I draw from a wide range of traditions to join you in the aim of promoting self knowledge, growth and change. I work with a very high awareness of trauma and its impacts on individuals.  Have a look round my site, if you feel a resonance let’s set up a meeting to talk face to face.  

Call or text me at (323) 505-2638 or email me at to schedule a time to meet. 


I am licensed and consult with Dr. Steven Isaacman for individual and ongoing group work. Dr. Isaacman has been in practice since 1992.  He is a training and supervising analyst at LAISPS where he co-chairs the one year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program.  I have worked with him since 2017, first as a supervisee and now as a colleague.

For more information for Dr. Isaacman go here .